All the information on this website is design and meant for the education of the patient.  Your Doctor will always have to do an exam to evaluate and diagnose your problems and needs. It is not for self diagnostic.

When should I take my baby to the dentist?

It’s always good, if you can, to bring your baby to the office to start making the use to the environment (dentist, staff, sounds, smells). This way when they get their teeth they will feel comfortable and ready for their first appointment. Doctor will do their exam and cleaning and If it is possible X-rays will be taken.

Do I have an abscess?

Normally symptoms for an abscess will be pain, swelling, inflammation and redness of the gum.  It would be caused by either decay, crack tooth or periodontal disease.

Why do I have bad breath (halitosis)?

Several things or a combination of them can cause halitosis.  Not brushing or flossing adequately after eating specially foods with a strong smell will cause it. Continuing to have halitosis after having good oral hygiene at home may indicate that you have  periodontal disease. Smoking or using tobacco will also produce an unpleasant smell.

Why do my gums bleed?

Bleeding gums is actually called gingivitis, which is reversible and can be prevented. It may be caused because you may not be flossing daily, pregnancy or due to some medication you are taking.

Do I have cavities?

Cavities form when bacteria is not removed adequately from the teeth. They can be identified with x-rays and doing a full exam. Your teeth don’t necessarily have to hurt for you to have them. Although sometimes having sensitivity to cold, hot or sweets may be an indication.

Depending on the amount and area of decay and surfaces involved on the tooth the treatment will vary from a 1-4 surface filling, root canal, crown or even extraction.

Do I have a dry socket?

If you are experiencing pain that is not controlled or alleviated by the medication your dentist provided you with, you might have a dry socket. It is caused because the blood clot has been displaced due to suction, spitting or smoking and leaving the area and bone exposed. Your dentist may need to place a dressing to help the area.

Is it ok for me to get a piercing or tattoo in my mouth?

The answer is absolutely not, they can be dangerous to your health. Complications range from aspiration of foreign object/choking, lacerations of tissues, damage to vital structures (blood vessels, veins, nerve, salivary glands),  breaking teeth, bacterial infections and transmission of disease.

If you already have one make sure to keep the area and jewelry clean, avoid it from hitting your teeth, remove it when playing sports, secure piercing to avoid swallowing and have your dentist evaluate the area and follow their opinions in the matter.